About Us

We are family-owned and family-oriented business aimed at providing everyone with a loving and healthy pet to be enjoyed and made a part of the family for years to come.

What drives us
Our business philosophy is simple: provide people with a healthy and loving pet. You will see this over and over again in this website, and we are serious about this. We offer a no-pressure selling approach with a full one-year health guarantee on all pups. All we want is for all our pups to find a good home where they are loved and well-taken care of.

Our staff is our family. This includes:

Dennis, whose passion for dogs started in early childhood, is the head of the household and business. Dennis has been raising dogs for almost 30 years and has always called this his hobby.

Meanwhile, his wife Nicole calls it his expensive hobby, because he treats each dog as if it were the only dog in the bunch. Dennis' dog food and vet bills are higher than any mortgage on the house - but Dennis would not have it any other way for his pets. Nutrition alone is a big issue - which is why Dennis teams up with dog food makers such as Pedigree and Purina to help sponsor their dog foods.

Dennis' "expensive hobby" became a reality for a job when he and Nicole had their second child at Dennis' age of 45. Their first child Elizabeth Joy was a little over two years old when Andrew Cole was born in June, 2005. Both Dennis and Nicole worked full-time, but the need for a full-time nanny made the idea of Dennis becoming Mr. Mom and full-time dog breeder a dream come true.

We had a real dream-come-true in 2006 when we moved to the family farm to raise our children and build a top-notch kennel for all the pets. This move took us from the suburbs of Charlotte to Mount Olive, North Carolina - a small town just one hour east of Raleigh and one hour west of the Carolina coastline. The kennel was built before our house. And now Dennis has a professional kennel that him to raise his pets in a safe, healthy and pet-friendly environment. Dennis says he still pinches himself from time to time to see if this is all a dream.

That's where we are now. Dennis is the keeper of the Reynolds clan and already has Elizabeth trained to play with all puppies until they leave the nest. Andrew is learning to be gentle with the pups - so he can help his big sister play and let her do a little bit more of the work! Both kids take up with the puppies and have a hard time letting them go. And most importantly, Dad (Dennis) can spend more time with the dogs and kids at the same time while Mom (Nicole) can go to work with peace of mind that all of her kids are receiving exceptional child care. This also allows Dennis to provide his dogs with 24-hour attention as needed.


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